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I will even show you how to train, show and make money from this amazing breed!”

If you ever get that nagging feeling, right in the pit of your stomach, that you don’t quite know exactly what your Siamese cat is trying to tell you or why it’s distressed…

maybe you’re missing out on some vital information that could be the difference between a happy, loving, optimally healthy Siamese and a heartbreaking, unwell cat that has lost its zest for life. Don’t wait a minute longer. Read this letter now…..this is the answer you’ve been waiting for”

"Andrej spent 3 years studying the secrets of animal physiology at university"

From: Andrej Brummer “Siamese Scientist” and Biological Researcher;
Sydney Australia

Dear Fellow Siamese Cat Lover,

If you’d like to discover the scientifically proven secrets to successfully raising and caring for your precious, fussy Siamese in optimal health and happiness then this will be the most exciting message you read all year.

Heres why…

“My name is Andrej Brummer, I am a Biological Scientist who has combined my extensive academic research and life long passion for the Siamese cat breed to create the worlds premier guide on the often misunderstood Siamese cat (or Meezer to the Siamese set). A lot of people don’t understand just how distinctive this breed is from other cats and how Siamese have their own unique set of requirements for optimal health. Ive done it all: from raising darling Siamese kittens to being involved in breeding and showing cats.

I don’t mind admitting I am a Meezer junkie.  So after discovering the total lack of quality, specific information around on the breed and the conflicting advice given, I decided to put together an easy to read, simple to understand, step-by-step guide that absolutely anyone of any age and experience can use.

In my new ebook the  “Ultimate Secrets to Siamese Cats” I have jam packed all the information I’ve learnt from my scientific study and personal experience in keeping and training Siamese cats.

 “I Was Completely Shattered When My Beloved Yao became Gravely Ill That Easter….”

“My passion for Siamese Cats began when I was 9, my mother surprised us one Easter with a gorgeous 1 year old seal point male who we named “Yao”. We instantly fell in love. That Easter we all found it difficult to tear ourselves away from Yaos’ side, even to find our Easter eggs!

But our joy only lasted a few weeks.  You see, something was terribly wrong.  After the easter holiday our Yao gradually became despondent and sick. Our young hearts were broken as we looked on helplessly. We tried to help him, but even the vet didn’t know what to do. It took a last ditch, extremely anxious call to a top breeder to realise that Yao was not like a normal cat and was gravely ill when we weren’t giving him the specific attention his breed required.  We didn’t recognize the early warning signs and wouldn’t have had enough knowledge to act even if we had.

On that day I swore I would learn whatever it took to keep happy, healthy Siamese cats. That promise took me to university to study zoology and animal physiology in scientific detail, even undertaking much research additional to my studies. That promise also moved me to create this guide, so no-one would have to suffer the pain we did; totally helpless to the suffering of these beautiful, magical creatures.”

Don’t let this be you!

If you can relate to my story then I want you to keep reading to find out how you can…

…easily avoid the heartbreak of your Siamese cat becoming depressed or even sick.

Don’t be fooled: Siamese cats are very unique and COMPLETELY different from other cat breeds. They have their own distinctive characteristics, behaviours and specific requirements; many experts even say they actually behave more like dogs than cats. So because your Siamese is genetically and physiologically different from other cat breeds doesn’t it make sense that to properly understand and care for them you need specialised information. Therefore any old cat information can be totally irrelevant for Siamese cats.

Please don’t make the costly mistake of entrusting the livelihood of your precious Siamese to the multitude of information products that are intended for much more common cat breeds, or are only half the story. This is the most commonly made mistake that will alienate you from your beloved Siamese.

Here’s why…

Siamese are critically physiologically different to your neighbourhood tabby. They are much more complex and require very different treatment and care.

To have an optimally happy, healthy Siamese, you need the right information….

Here’s a taste of all the crucial information you’re going to discover in “Ultimate Secrets to Siamese Cats”.

Scientific Siamese health secrets finally revealed to the public:


The one feline biology secret that will allow you to spot and diagnose common ailments in your Siamese cat before it’s too late. (page 28)


How to prevent Siamese illness and problems simply by obeying these 6 simple rules -this one is absolute gold! (page 30)


The truth about medicating your Siamese and how you can easily become a “Siamese vet”, and save huge amounts of money in the process (page 55)


Discover the little known secret to an optimally healthy, happy cat just by changing the way you treat your Siamese! (page 7)


What never to do when it comes to your cats diet if you want to have a healthy Siamese. (page 36)


The secrets to recognising Siamese stress: learn how to quickly spot stress before it negatively affects your cat health. (page 26)


Why your Meezer is depressed and how you can turn this around (page 8)


The scientific truth about immunisations; what is critically essential for the health of your Siamese? (page 30)


What you must do now to help protect you beloved cat from diseases. (page 37)


End common Siamese health problems by applying these little known secrets (page 42)

And much, much more.

The information in my ebook could literally be the difference between a long, quality life for your precious Siamese or an unhappy cat prone to illness.

Over the years I have been asked countless, desperate questions by Siamese affectionardos, and consequently been tearfully thanked for saving them so much worry, vet bills and health issues that I have finally decided to turn all my passionate scientific knowledge and experience into this amazingly simple ultimate Siamese cat ebook. So I can help you to never have to experience the oh so common occurrence of living with a beautiful Siamese cat that is unhappy, unhealthy and not enjoying its life.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s an example of what people who’ve had the benefit of this cutting-edge research and information have to say:

“My Meezer is so much happier now!"

“Thanks so much Andrej, I now know how to correctly care for my darling Snowy! But not only that I am now able to spot the early warning signs of illness, know what preventative measures to take, know how to diagnose some diseases and most importantly I finally understand her!”

Rhys Bryant; Toronto, Canada.

Imagine how satisfying it’s going to feel to have an optimally happy, healthy Siamese who constantly rewards you with love and loyalty. Armed with this information you will learn exactly how to keep your Siamese in top condition and care for your pet the way it deserves…

Imagine all the admiration your beautiful, sleek and graceful Siamese cat… that you’ve nurtured with your own hands… will win you from family and friends. 

And how great would it feel if you could make money from your passion, if you wanted to?

Well, you can.

I show you how in my ebook.

Here’s a sneak-peak at what you’re going to discover about making money from your Siamese cats…


The one secret that is absolutely necessary for successful Siamese cat breeding. A goldmine of information! (page 76)


What never, ever to do when considering choosing a mate for your Siamese. (page 77)


Experts insider secrets to successfully showing your Siamese. (page 85)


Why you need to know 8 critical facts when your Siamese is about to give birth. These cat biology secrets have saved a lot of agony (page 79)


The experts’ secrets behind recognising desirable Siamese traits. Ignore these at your peril!  (page 26)


The one secret about profitable Siamese breeding that will save you a lot of problems down the track. (page 78)


“Who would have thought, my lovely cat is now making me money!”

“Ive always been interested in breeding Siamese, but never knew where to start. I read Andrej’s’ excellent “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets” and thought, wow I’ll give that a go. A year later and ive got a profitable Siamese breeding business!

Heather Sanchez, San Francisco, California

Introducing “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets”

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These secrets and techniques cannot be found anywhere else, they are a collection of scientific theory, experience and extensive research, which I have distilled and simplified. You will never find this stuff at any pet shop or random website. This easy to understand information is vital for Siamese beginners through to experts.

For example, do you really know:


The specific likes, dislikes, behaviours and personality traits of Siamese that will save you and your cat much stress and misunderstanding?


The scientific secrets behind how to raise a loving, well behaved Siamese cat?


Before considering approaching a Siamese breeder there are 7 things you must know that can save you a lot of heartache?


How to easily recognise then remedy the early warning symptoms of the most common Siamese ailments before its too late?


The 5 most misunderstood factors about choosing a Siamese that will be perfect for you and your home?


What 6 crucial considerations you absolutely must take into account before you bring your new Siamese home?


The fundamental keys to feeding and diet that will result in much happier, healthier Siamese cats?


The secrets behind grooming and exercise that will have your Meezer in the best condition of its life?


Exactly how to treat potentially tragic internal or external Siamese problems before it’s too late?


How to professionally troubleshoot the aggression, jealously or depression you could commonly experience in your Siamese cat?

If you answered “no” or “not sure” to even one of these questions
you ARE putting yourself and your Siamese at risk!

I answer all these questions for you in my ebook.

Here’s another glimpse at what you’re going to discover in “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets”:


How to correctly choose the one Siamese kitten that will be your perfect companion for life. (page 18)


The startling truth about understanding Siamese behaviour. This feline biology tip is absolute gold! (page 10)


Warning: how to read your potential cats personality before you make a purchase you may regret. (page 16)


The secret behind Siamese vocalisations and what you cat is trying to tell you. (page 9)


5 steps and 15 minutes a day to keep your Siamese permanently contented. (page 12)


Secret strategies to recognising strange Siamese behaviour and what it means (page 7)


The truth about Siamese kittens: what to expect, what is normal and what you should never do. (page 19)


Discover the different hidden traits and personality types behind the various Siamese points and types. (page 23)


Discover your Siamese cats’ likes and dislikes instantly resulting in a more well adjusted Meezer! (page 12)

“No more Siamese guesswork for me…”

“After I first brought home my Ya Ming, I really had no idea how to care for a Siamese and what was involved. Then I read Andrej’s ebook, it’s so easy to understand and you can tell he really knows his stuff. After reading his section on understanding Siamese cats all my burning questions were answered, I finally knew exactly what I was doing. Ya Ming and I couldn’t be happier!”

Sue McLeod, Inverness, Scotland.

In order to stop gambling with the health and happiness of your Siamese cat you need the right tools for the job

I’ve been asked so many questions by people just like you, and for good reason. I have learned all the answers because I have a degree in this stuff! The truth is there is a lot you really need to know to successfully keep Siamese cats in optimal condition.

If you don’t know enough or don’t have the right information things could easily go wrong; Siamese are a very specialised, sensitive breed; they need the correct care and knowledge to truly thrive.

I’ve done all the hard work for you (including the degree!), pouring over relevant textbooks, years of interacting with and studying this amazing breed and taking notes for weeks on end.

And what you get is the simplified, distilled essence of all that knowledge, truly the most ultimate guide to Siamese cats ever assembled. So many books focus on the cats in general but the key to your success is to have in depth knowledge of the Siamese breed!

In short, “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets” will be the only Siamese cat resource you will ever need…

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You can always trust in science to get it right…

Unlike a lot of other products “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets” is purely based on proven scientific fact so you can trust its accuracy. This information is the real deal. It’s not opinion based or something some pet shop guy made up to stop you asking so many questions. What could be better to put your Siamese cat faith in than animal biology itself? And who better to teach you than a scientist who is able to explain things in a simple way that everyone can understand and will get massive value from?

I have already helped so many people become Siamese cat experts from beginners to breeders.

Now it’s your turn…

I also reveal in my unique ebook optimal Siamese nutrition and grooming secrets…


Warning: You could be making some of the top 5 dietary mistakes with your cat right now! (page 38)


What you must do now to create the optimal diet for your Siamese and in doing so avoid a ton of potential health issues. (page 37)


The shocking scientific secrets to what nutrients you cat should be getting and what you must avoid feeding it. (page 39)


How you can ensure your Siamese is looking sleek, graceful and at its very best (page 41)


Warning: What you need to do now to ensure your cat has a long and happy life. Discover how many good years you can expect. (page 36)


Why your Siamese kitten has specific dietary requirements. Ignore at your peril! (page 28)


Science reveals the truth about the very best food to feed your precious cat. (page 38)



“Now I know what and how I should have been feeding my Siamese cats all along! Just by altering their diets and feeding regimes they look so much healthier and seem much more content and affectionate. Awesome stuff mate, I cannot recommend your ebook highly enough”

Peter Zimmerman, Perth, Australia

Here’s a brief breakdown of the 6 sections inside the “Ultimate Siamese cat Secrets” ebook:

Section 1: Understanding Siamese Cats:

The amazing history of the breed, behavioural and personality traits letting you know everything you can expect from your Meezer, likes and dislikes, the distinctive voice and vocalisations of Siamese explained, Temperament, longevity and much more.

Section 2: Choosing The Right Siamese For You:

The commitment needed for your Siamese, how to go about choosing the type and look of Siamese you want, choosing the RIGHT cat; cost, condition, breeder: its all here, selecting a healthy cat and avoiding the common pitfalls, bringing cats and kittens home, what you can expect from your first few days together, all is revealed for you.

Section 3: Siamese Genetics Explained:

Here you will find what traits Siamese are bred for and what exactly is considered desirable, what the basic coat colour patterns are, eye colour and other popular traits both now and in the past, what are the show quality standards, this is all the info you could want to know.

Section 4: Optimal Siamese Cat Nutrition and Grooming:

Secrets to providing an optimal Siamese diet, what nutrients are absolutely necessary for a healthy cat, the amount and frequency you should be feeding, exactly what food types to provide for a healthy Siamese diet and much more.

Section 5: Siamese Health Care:

The need-to-know common ailments Siamese cats suffer from, basic measures you can take to ensure good health, the low down on vaccinations and internal/external parasites, the symptoms and remedies for minor and major illnesses and problems, what steps you can take now to prevent disease and so much more.

Section 6: Siamese Cat First Aid:

How to recognize and protect against potentially deadly environmental hazards, basic Siamese first aid skills, how to save your cat and treat external wounds and internal problems, tips and tricks to effectively medicate your Siamese and so much more.

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Here’s some more information about what’s inside this unique ebook:


Train your cat to be perfectly behaved in 7 steps that takes 30 minutes. (page 61)


Banish aggression in your Siamese by applying this little known Siamese secret. (page 70)


How to successfully introduce a Siamese to your home causing the minimal amount of stress possible (page 72)


What you must NEVER do with your Siamese cat when you go away on holiday (page 15)


Banish temper tantrums in your Siamese. This one is animal biology insider information, essential for all Siamese owners. (page 9)


The truth about adjusting you cat to new environments and additions to the household. I have been thanked so many times for this one! (page 61)


The key secret to dealing with a scaredy cat and how to reinstall confidence in your Meezer.  (page 14)


The secret to getting your Siamese cat to get along with other cats and dogs. (page 62)


Why your cat is acting jealous and what you can do to stop this now! (page 8)


How to deal with the “dark side” of your cats personality (page 60)


“I would never have believed my Siamese could be trained…. especially by me!”

“I’ve had a really rough time trying to get my naughty cat to behave, and now after purchasing this ebook I discovered I was doing a lot of things wrong. Sheba thought she was the queen of the castle, but Andrej has taught me how to convince her otherwise! Thank you so much for making my life easier”

Pauline Monaghan, Durban, South Africa

So why can’t you get this information from your local pet shop or veterinary clinic?
There are two reasons:

  1. They simply don’t know this stuff, and why would they? Try finding a degree qualified pet shop employee or vet who specialises in Siamese cats, I have, and they just don’t exist.
  2. They wouldn’t want you to know this stuff anyway. What I mean is anyone equipped with this information is going to spend way less at the pet shop and vet when things don’t go wrong constantly and when they cant be deceived into buying another toy or dietary supplement when their cat is acting up. They want you to spend up large.

Consider the costs and heartbreak of getting it wrong with your Siamese cat. If your Siamese cat isn’t happy and healthy it can be very upsetting for you and your beloved cat, not to mention expensive.

You are getting the benefit of my many years of practical and theoretical research and experience. I have fine-tuned the science every step of the way to make it easy, user friendly and highly valuable to you so you can shortcut your way to a blissful, harmonious relationship with your Siamese.

In fact, I guarantee it.

My 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

In the unlikely event you are not 100% thrilled
with “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets”
you get a 100% no-risk-to-you-guarantee.

In fact, I invite you to use this ebook and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

In fact, if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied,
I want you to demand your money back.

You can even keep the entire “Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets” package
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So, if you truly want a happy, healthy and well-behaved Siamese cat…you need to get your hands on this ebook now. Waiting is only costing you stress and the health and contentment of your pets.

Now, because of my background and experience, as I just mentioned earlier I can easily sell this information for over $200.

But I am not doing this only for the money, but because I am passionate about the amazing Siamese breed and want to help you to look after them better and avoid the pain I have had to go through when you harm your beloved pets unnecessarily.

So, I am selling my entirely unique, immediately useable and extremely simple yet powerful Siamese Cat guide for only $27. And let’s face it the benefits from just one or two of the techniques will save you a lot of heartache, research and possibly hundreds of dollars, won’t it?

But because I’ve only just launched this product on the market I want to give quick action takers an especially good deal.

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In fact, let me make it very simple for you to take advantage of this information right now. Im going to give you 3 amazing gifts to go along with my ebook making this entire offer valued at more than $300. And no, this isn’t another one of those offers where the bonus is some over hyped product that under-delivers. No, this is a genuine, highly valuable free offer that you will get massive benefit from, I have actually saved the best stuff for last, and you get it all FREE….but only if you hurry.
To go along with your ultimate Siamese cat guide you also get Siamese lovers most highly prized information as free bonuses…
Here’s what’s coming your way…

Free Gift #1



Guide to Making Money From Your Siamese Cat


The jealously guarded, holy grail of Siamese cat breeding unveiled. How would you like to learn how with relatively little effort and cost you could turn your passion into a moneymaking enterprise? Imagine, you could make breed your own darling Siamese kittens like me or take it further and start making some additional income. This guide reveals powerful step by step information to do this starting right now

Here’s a small taste of what you will learn:

  • How the Siamese mating/breeding cycle works
  • Choosing the correct mate: dos and donts
  • What you need to know to make money growing large specimens of marine life
  • How to create the right conditions for a successful mating
  • Priceless tips for breeding desirable Siamese cats
  • How you can easily deal with problems that may arise during the birthing process
What you need to know about the first and second weeks of your new kittens lives
This is your ultimate cheat-sheet to Siamese cat money making…your ultimate shortcut!

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Guide to Training Your Siamese Cat


Another little known, highly valuable feline biology technique revealed. How good would it be to be able to effectively  train your Siamese cat to walk on a lead, not to bite, scratch, toilet training the list goes on. Think of the possibilities, do it for yourself and friends or create a thriving business turning your passion into dollars. This information could prove priceless to you.

You will discover…

  • The crucial principles behind Siamese training
  • What qualities and behaviours you need to instil for a perfectly behaved cat
  • How you can train Siamese kittens
  • Insiders secret behaviour modification techniques
  • Siamese training tips for bathing, liking a cage, performing tricks and so much more!
  • What you need to do to deal with aggression and hunting instincts
As you can see once again you get it all, total insider information that so many Siamese cat owners are desperate to get their hands on. The information contained in these two bonus items is so highly valuable that many people have told me to turn it into a stand-alone product and make twice as much money. But the truth is I want to use my animal biology training and expertise to educate and help people like you and I am all about giving value.
But wait, there’s still more…

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Guide To Showing Your Siamese Cat :


Imagine having access to experts’ tricks of the cat show trade in the form of an easy to use, step-by-step guide. How much of an advantage would that give you when it came to showing your precious Siamese? This guide would have been a goldmine to me a few years ago, and saved me a lot of unnecessary and unpleasant surprises. It is yours free if you order today.

Imagine having access to experts’ tricks of the cat show trade in the form of an easy to use, step-by-step guide. How much of an advantage would that give you when it came to showing your precious Siamese? This guide would have been a goldmine to me a few years ago, and saved me a lot of unnecessary and unpleasant surprises. It is yours free if you order today.

Heres a small taste of what you will learn…

  • What traits are highly valued in your Siamese cat
  • What you can do to improve the chances of your cat becoming a champion!
  • How to select and judge a Siamese cat based on its “showability” potential
  • How to prepare for and what to expect on show day

So to recap, let’s look at what’s coming your way in this amazing offer…

Here’s what you get…
Separate Purchase
Ultimate Siamese Cat Secrets
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So, I ask you… “Isn’t it time you stop risking the health and happiness of
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I wish you the very best

Andrej Brummer, BSc Biological Sciences,
“Siamese Scientist”

Andrej at Work
"Andrej spent 3 years studying the secrets of animal physiology at university".

P.S. Don’t forget, I’m taking all the risk here… if after reading my ebook you don’t think You have got outstanding value from my information, I’ll refund every penny. What have you got to lose? Try it now!

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